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  • What does Mandos mean?
    Mandos comes from Mandolas (italian Mandolines) which is the string instrument we used for our very first surround speakers. Mandos isalso an abbreviation of the spanish words mano (hand)and doswhich stands for "2 hands". Our Mandos speakers are meticulously handcrafted by Dorian with the highest regard of the intended function of the original instrument. Saving old forgotten music instruments and upcicling them to new life. It's analog music from the source of sound.
  • How can I listen to music on a Mandos?
    You can connect to all Mandos speakers via Bluetooth or miniAUX cable. You can listen to our selected HiFi Playlists here.
  • Where do you ship?
    We ship worldwide insured and traceable with DHL
  • Do you offer a warranty?
    Yes! If you have any technical issue we will do our best to repair it or replace your Mandos in your first 6 months after purchase.This does not cover mechanical damages induced through accidents. Should you not be satisfied with your Mandos you can send it
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