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I'm Dorian. I'm a cineast. Images and cinema are my life, but acoustics are my passion.

There is no cinema without sound.

In fact it's in the editing room where I've learned through sound about the power of images.


photo_2021-01-17 01.27.32.jpeg

I started collecting high-end audio equipment as a teenager - later I moved on to combine and experiment with it.  

Eventually, it occurred to me that most speakers focus entirely on the technical aspect of sound and seldom on the visual.

I thought about bringing speakers back to the roots of sound, back to those handcrafted wooden marvels which are creating the sounds.

The body of a classical instrument has been perfected over centuries to emit the perfect vibrations.

My thought was to use instruments in their original millenary beauty and let them once again re-create the sound.

It's similar to a surfer using a wave.

The classical high sensitive wide range paper cones Alnico speaker, pure electromagnetism in it's simplest form will be the surfer -

and an old, already 'warmed up' music instrument will be the wave.

I hope you will enjoy the dive. Simplicity at its best.

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