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Mandola Mandosaba


SABA Green Cone Alnico Speaker 


An original west european Mandoline with an elegant back.

The wooden body of the Mandola enables a voluminous sound and the SABA Green Cone provide a clear full-range experience.

The MandoSaba has the perfect size to be put on a table or hung from a ceiling with the a cord for a streamlined aesthetic. Its weight and form make it also a portable device that can be easily moved around the house or even outside if coupled to an external 12V BATTERY.


Easily connect your phone, laptop or tablet via Bluetooth. For the best sound experience we recommend streaming music in lossless FLAC or MASTER mode via specialised music streaming providers.

It can be orderen as a Stereo Set with 10% discount on both units.


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  • Specifications

    Isophon Full-Range 170mm Speaker

    Audio Inputs:  Bluetooth / 3,5mm Aux / USB Type C

    98dB (+- 1dB) 20-20000Hz

    External 9-24V power unit for the plug and play amp

    Can be also used with an external battery or car adapter

    LS connectors can be added for 25,-€

    Single Unit but it can be delivered as pair too with a 10% discount on each.

  • Shipping


    EU 20,- €

    WORLD 35,- €

    Returns: We do not cover the shipping for returns

  • Philosophy

    Every single one of our Mandos Speaker is wonderfully unique and comes with a distinct sound. The different instrumental forms and HiFi elements each add their personal characteristic. We up-cycle all our instruments of which some still have signs of usage, none of which would ever hinder the sound quality, and this ultimately makes our speakers one of a kind.

    The Wide-Range Speakers are chosen with care from only the best manufacturers on the market and have passed numerous tests of compatibility with various housings.

  • Refund & Returns Policy

    We have to specify that our handmade inovative UP-cicling Products are not new. They are UPCICLING PRODUCTS.

    The NOS Wide-Range Alnico Speakers (or from other vintage enclousures -like Radios in the case of Saba) are choosen with care from the best manufacturers on the market and are passing numerous tests of compatibility with the various instrument housings.

    We offer 6 Months of Warranty for each unit.

    We accept Returns during one week after receiving the Speaker under the condition the customer covers the cost of an insured return shipping and the item comes without damages back.

    Please DO NOT ORDER if you are not agree with our policy.

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